Bachelor of Psychological Science

Testamur Title of Degree:

Bachelor of Psychological Science



UOW Course Code:

SI364 - SIM

CC364 - CCCU Hong Kong *

Total Credit Points:

144 - (Students admitted at CCCU will receive 72cp of credit)


3 years full-time (6 sessions) or part-time equivalent - SIM

1 year full-time (3 trimesters) or part-time equivalent - CCU Hong Kong *

Home Faculty:

Faculty of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities

Intake Session(s):

SIM Intake 1, SIM Intake 2

CCCU Semester A (Suspended for 2020)

Delivery Mode:


Delivery Campus:

Singapore Institute of Management

CCCU Hong Kong *

Additional Information:


CCCU Hong Kong 

* Not available at this campus in 2020


Psychologists help us to understand who we are and how we think, feel and act. They aim to help people function better and to prevent ill-health and other problems developing. Clients include children, adults, couples, families and organisations.

A degree in Psychology provides comprehensive training in the processes basic to human psychological functioning required for qualification as a professional psychologist. These include biological and social bases of behaviour, cognition, learning, perception, social and organisational behaviour, personality, abnormality and research and assessment tools.

Psychology can be usefully combined with a wide range of disciplines. This degree offers students the freedom to choose complementary studies from Social Science, Business and, Humanities and the Arts, so that they may create their own professional pathway in the diversity of fields where psychology is applied.

Students with an excellent academic record may apply for entry to the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) upon completion of this course.

Course Learning Outcomes

Course Learning Outcomes are statements of learning achievement that are expressed in terms of what the learner is expected to know, understand and be able to do upon completion of a course. Students graduating from this course will be able to:

CLO Description
1 Demonstrate a broad and coherent knowledge of core topics in the discipline of psychology, their applications, and ethical behaviour in research and professional contexts.
2 Demonstrate a basic knowledge of research methods, including an evaluation of the characteristics of the science of psychology/scientific method.
3 Demonstrate an ability to apply research methods to address psychological questions related to behaviour and mental processes.
4 Write standard research reports and orally present information in various formats.
5 Exhibit a capacity for independent learning to sustain personal and professional development in the changing world of the science and practice of psychology.
6 Apply critical thinking skills and knowledge of the scientific method to evaluate claims regarding psychological phenomena.
7 Use the information in an ethical manner and apply knowledge of ethical and legislative requirements to determine appropriate ethical conduct in a range of contexts.

SIM Course Structure

To qualify for award of the degree of Bachelor of Psychological Science from SIM, students must complete 144 credit points in accordance with the table below (note: Some students maybe be awarded credit for some subjects listed).

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points
Year 1
PSYC120 Critical Thinking and Communication Skills in Psychology 6
PSYC116 Psychology of Physical Activity and Health 6
PSYC121 Foundations of Psychology A 6
PSYC122 Foundations of Psychology B 6
PSYC123 Research Methods and Statistics 6
BCM 110 Introduction to Communication and Media Studies 6
STS 112 The Scientific Revolution 6
ELL 182 Effective Written Communication 6
Year 2
PSYC231 Personality 6
PSYC234 Biological Psychology and Learning 6
PSYC241 Developmental and Social Psychology 6
PSYC236 Cognition and Perception 6
PSYC250 Quantitative Methods in Psychology 6
PSYC251 Psychology of Abnormality 6
EDEC302 Psychology of Exceptional Children 6
PHIL107 Introduction to Philosophy 6
Year 3
PSYC324 Assessment and Intervention 6
PSYC358 Applied Psychology 6
PSYC326 Design and Analysis 6
PSYC327  Advanced Topics in Cognition  6
PSYC330 Social Behaviour and Individual Differences 6
PSYC325 History and Metatheory of Psychology 6
PSYC357 Forensic Psychology  6
PSYC361 Child Development  6


UOW College Hong Kong Course Structure 2020*

*This top-up degree is suspended for 2020.

To qualify for award of the degree of Bachelor of Psychological Science from UOWCHK, students must complete 72 credit points in accordance with the table below (note: All eligible students in this top-up degree will receive 72cp of credit from approved previous studies).

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points
Trimester 1
PSYC120 Critical Thinking and Communication Skills in Psychology   6
PSYC234 Biological Psychology and Learning  6
PSYC236 Cognition and Perception  6
PSYC250 Quantitative Methods in Psychology  6
Trimester 2
PSYC251 Psychology of Abnormality  6
PSYC324 Assessment and Intervention  6
PSYC325 History and Philosophy of Psychology  6
PSYC330 Social Behavior and Individual Differences  6
Trimester 3
PSYC326 Design and Analysis  6
PSYC328 Visual Perception  6
PSYC357 Forensic Psychology  6
PSYC358 Applied Psychology  6

Variation to Course Structure  


Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Psychological Science at the Singapore Institute of Management follow the same course structure as the Bachelor of Psychological Science at UOW, except the SIM program has prescribed electives and will continue to offer the 8 credit point version of 300 level subjects.

CCCU Hong Kong 

Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Psychological Science at the CCCU Hong Kong campus will complete a "top up" version of the onshore course and are admitted with 72 credit points of credit from their previous study, and the curse structure includes the new 6 credit point versions of 300 level subjects.

Last reviewed: 22 July, 2020