Bachelor of Business Administration

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Bachelor of Business Administration



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4 years full-time or part-time equivalent

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Faculty of Business

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UG Spring, UG Summer, UG Autumn

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UOW Dubai

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UOW Dubai


The Bachelor of Business Administration program will help you understand the science of Business Administration. You will develop the ability to identify, analyse, and solve complex business problems across a range of business functions, including general management, marketing, administration, human resource management, economics, and accounting.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from the Bachelor of Business Administration will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate core knowledge of business and organisations
  2. Effectively communicate orally and in writing
  3. Critically analyse business and organisational issues in local, national and international contexts
  4. Demonstrate responsible judgement in decision making
  5. Work effectively with others on shared goals
  6. Use relevant technology for professional purposes
  7. Demonstrate independent learning


Course Structure

Students are required to complete 34 subjects according to the sequence of study listed below. There are 30 compulsory subjects that are required, and four elective subjects to be selected from the approved subjects provided each session. The full list of subjects is shown below.

GED (General Education) Requirements

Subject Code subject Name Credit Points
GED010 Academic Study Skills 1 12
GED020 Academic Study Skills 2 6
MATH060 Foundation Mathematics for Business 6
OPS 113 Business Orientated Information Systems 6
ARTS017 Islamic Culture 6
Choose ONE subject from Natural or Physical Sciences (6 cps):
ENVI030 Environmental Science 6
PHYS030 Foundation Physics 6
Choose ONE subject from Humanities or Arts (6 cps):
ARTS035 Introduction to Philosophy 6
LAW101 Law, Business and Society 6
Choose ONE subject from Social or Behavioural Sciences (6 cps):
PSYC015 Introduction to Psychology 6
SOC 103 Introduction to Sociology 6
Plus the subject listed below (6 cps):
INE301 Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 6

Core Subjects

Subject Code subject Name Credit Points
ACCY111 Accounting Fundamentals in Society 6
ACCY112 Accounting in Organisations 6
COMM101 Principles of Responsible Business 6
COMM121 Statistics for Business 6
ECON100 Economic Essentials for Business 6
ECON102 Economics and Society 6
ACCY211 Management Accounting II 6
FIN 111 Introductory Principles of Finance 6
MARK101 Marketing Principles 6
MGNT102 Business Communications 6
MGNT110 Introduction to Management 6
FIN 226 Financial Markets and Institutions 6
MGMT110 Introduction to Management 6
MGMT314 Strategic Management 6
MARK270 Services Marketing 6
MARK343 International Marketing 6
MARK344 Marketing Strategy 6
MGMT201 Organisational Behaviour 6
MGMT206 Managing Human Resources 6
ECON332 Managerial Economics and Operations Research 6
MGMT389 International Business Management 6
ECON216 International Trade Theory & Policy 6
ACCY211 Management Accounting II 6


You must complete four elective subjects of which three can be at 100 level and one must be at 200 or 300 level. Electives are courses which are outside the list of compulsory subjects for the BBA, as detailed above.

Variation To Course Structure




Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor of Business
Total Credit Points: 204 Total Credit Points: 144
Note: UOWD students to aggregate at least 204 credit points (cp) of which 60cp are in General Education (GED) subjects  
GED Subjects as listed above (60cp)  
Core Subjects (120cp) Core Subjects (42cp)
COMM101 Principles of Responsible Business COMM101 Principles of Responsible Commerce* (6cp)
ACCY111 Accounting Fundamentals in Society (6cp) ACCY111 Accounting Fundamentals in Society (6cp)
COMM121 Statistics for Business (6cp) COMM121 Statistics for Business (6cp)
ECON100 Economic Essentials for Business (6cp) ECON100 Economic Essentials for Business (6cp)
MARK101 Marketing Principles (6cp) MARK101 Marketing Principles (6cp)
MGNT110 Introduction to Management (6cp) MGNT110 Introduction to Management (6cp)
FIN 111 Introductory Principles of Finance (6cp) FIN 111 Introductory Principles of Finance (6cp)
ACCY211 Management Accounting II (6cp)     
FIN226 Financial Markets and Institutions (6cp)     
MARK270 Services Marketing (6cp)    
MGNT215 Small Business Management (6cp)     
MGNT206 Managing Human Resources (6cp)     
MGNT201 Organisational Behaviour (6cp)     
ECON332 Managerial Econmics and Ops (6cp)    
MGNT314 Strategic Management (6cp)    
MGNT389 International Business Management (6cp)  Plus at least one subject from the list below (6cp):
OPS 113* Business Oriented Information Systems (6cp) OPS 113 Business Oriented Information Systems (6cp)
ACCY112 Accounting in Organisations (6cp) ACCY112 Accounting in Organisations (6cp) 
ECON102 Economics and Society (6cp)  ECON102  Economics and Society (6cp) 
MGNT102 Business Communications (6cp)  MGNT102  Business Communications (6cp)
    Plus ONE capstone subject from the list below (6cp):
COMM331 Integrative Business Capstone (6 cps)  COMM331 Integrative Business Capstone (6cp) 
Plus FOUR electives of 6cp minimum each (minimum 24cp total) Plus at least 48 credit points of subjects chosen from the Faculty Schedule of which 18 credit points must be from 300-level Business subjects successfully completed at a Pass grade or better
Note: Electives are subjects which are not stated in the above subjects list of the BBA degree. Zero level subjects are not considered as electives Plus SEVEN additional subjects (42cp) from any Faculty to reach 144 credit points. No more than 72 credit points shall be for 100-level subjects
*UOWD offers OPS113 as a General Education (GED) subject.
Last reviewed: 22 May, 2017