Bachelor of Engineering

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Bachelor of Engineering



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Total Credit Points:



4 years full-time

Home Faculty:

Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences

Intake Session(s):

UG Spring, UG Summer, UG Autumn

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UOW Dubai

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UOW Dubai


The Bachelor of Engineering program with majors in Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Telecommunications Engineering trains engineers for exciting and successful careers as system designers and developers, engineering managers, analysts, educators and researchers. This program prepares graduates to be globally recognised professional engineers with the requisite knowledge, skills and attributes to further develop in their chosen careers. They will have the capacity to effectively lead and contribute to the advancement of engineering, technology and commerce. This program is designed to provide the basic theoretical background required by professional engineers as well as experience in working in teams and the ability to manage the process of designing and developing engineering solutions to address real world problems.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Engineering program, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to discern, interpret and evaluate information, and apply their learning in order to make decisions and articulate logical responses.
  2. Apply the acquired knowledge to practical life problems and adopt a professional and ethical approach to decision making and related social responsibilities.
  3. Use all forms of expression to clearly and confidently communicate knowledge to others, appropriate to the context.
  4. Acquire the ability to function effectively as part of a team to accomplish a set of common goals and objectives.
  5. Initiate research and projects, and apply problem solving and critical thinking strategies to solve problems.
  6. Identify the strengths of individuals, societies and cultures that are both similar and dissimilar from one’s own, with a professional view to improving existing relationships between community networks, workplaces and organisations.
  7. Demonstrate the ability to effectively gather, critically analyse, evaluate and interpret qualitative and quantitative information using computer technology.
  8. Initiate and apply problem-solving and critical thinking strategies to research, projects and organisational problems, including ethical dilemmas and accept responsibility for the solutions delivered.
  9. Demonstrate a sense of social commitment, responsibility and concern; feeling empowered to apply learning and show respect for citizens’ rights to everyday situations.

Course Structure

To qualify for award of the degree of Bachelor of Engineering, in any specialisation, a candidate shall accrue an aggregate of at least 220 Credit Points (cp) which includes:

  • 30cp of General Education
  • 190 - 192 cp towards the engineering major, consisting of
    • 48cp of Common 1st Year Subjects and
    • 142 cp from the program core and/or major requirements for electrical, computer, and telecommunications engineering
    • 144 cp from the program core and/or major requirements for civil, and mechanical engineering.
  • Students are also required to accrue an overall weighted average mark (WAM) of 50%.

All Bachelor of Engineering students are required to take the Engineering Placement Tests in their first semester of study.

General Education 30 cp

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points
English, Arabic or other Languages (12cp)
GED 010 Academic Study Skills 1 12
Islamic Studies or History or Culture (6cp)
ARTS017 Islamic Culture 6
One subject from Humanities or Arts (6cp)
ARTS035 Introduction to Philosophy 6
LAW 101 Law, Business and Society 6
ISIT301 Professional Practice & Ethics 6
One subject from Social or Behavioural Sciences (6cp)
PSYC015 Introduction to Psychology 6
SOC 103 Introduction to Sociology 6

First Year Subjects (all majors common core)

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points
MATH141Foundations of Engineering Mathematics6
MATH142Essentials of Engineering Mathematics6
ENGG100Engineering Computing and Analysis6
ENGG102Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics6
ENGG103Materials in Design6
ENGG104Electrical Systems6
ENGG105Engineering Design for Sustainability6
PHYS143Physics For Engineers6



Variation in Course Structure 

Except where stated below, the course structure of the Bachelor of Engineering at UOW Dubai is identical to the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at the University of Wollongong, Australia.






Total Credit Points




General Education Subjects

UOWD specific requirement from the CAA to satisfy 36 Credit Points from the General Education Subject List.

The two General Schedule subjects required by UOW (Year 3 and Year 4) are covered as part of the General Education at UOWD or 




Common Core Subjects


Differential Equations (3 CP)

Core subject for Electrical, Computer & Telecommunications majors

Equivalent to UOW Core Subject MATH283 (6CP)


Engineering Statistics(3 CP)


Linear Algebra (4 CP)

Core subject for Electrical, Computer & Telecommunications Majors (offered only in UOWD)


Area of Major of Study (UOWD uses the same list of subjects for specialisations and Major at UOW )

Civil Engineering

Year 1 - the same
Year 2 - the same 
Year 3 - the same, apart from electives are prescribed CIVL454, and CIVL491
Year 4 - the same, apart from students only can complete ENGG452, and electives are complete 2 subjects from a short list.   

Year 3 - 300-level 12 cps electives subjects;
Year 4 - 400-level CIVL and ENGG subjects (as specified) + ENGG452 and 4 electives OR ENGG453 and 3 electives

Computer Engineering

All years the same 

ECTE331 (6CP) + ECTE432 + 2 Major Subjects+ 1 Specialisation

All years the same.

ECTE331 (6CP) + ECTE432 + 2 Major Subjects+ 1 Specialisation + 1 Elective (General Schedule Subject)

Electrical Engineering

All years the same.

ECTE323 + 3 Major Subjects + 1 Specialisation

All years the same.

ECTE323 + 3 Major Subjects + 1 Specialisation + 1 Elective (General Schedule Subject)

Mechanical Engineering

Year 1 - the same.
Year 2 - the same.
Year 3 - 36 cp (6 subjects) the same. MECH326 and MECH372 are not offered and replaced with INE 301 + ENGG378.
Year 4 - core the same, 18 cp of electives are specified MECH474 + MECH489 + ECTE471 + 1 elective


All years the same.

Year 3 - 36 cp (6 subjects) the same. 300-level MECH subjects (including MECH326 Dynamics of Mechanisms and MECH372 Solids Handling and Process Engineering);
Year 4 - 12 cps MECH and ENGG subjects (as specified) + ENGG452 and 5 electives OR ENGG453 and 4 electives

Telecommunications Engineering

All years the same. 

ECTE331 (6CP) +ECTE469 (6CP) + 2 Major subjects + 1 Specialisation

All years the same.

ECTE331 +ECTE469 (6CP) + 2 Major subjects + 1 Specialisation + 1 Elective (General Schedule Subject)


Last reviewed: 8 March, 2018