Schedule of Minors

General Schedule of Minors

Section 29 of the University of Wollongong Act (1989) stipulates that the University Council is the approving authority for all amendments to University Rules including the list of awards and degrees, schedule of minors and list of honours methods. Following the Course Approval processes, each year consequential amendments are proposed to the list of awards and degrees, which includes additions and amendments to courses and minor studies to Section 12: Awards and Degrees of the University, Appendix 2: List of each Honours Method, and Appendix 3: Schedule of Minor Studies of the General Course Rules, to reflect approved course offerings as at 1 January of each year. These amendments are submitted to Council for approval. On approval, the list is updated in the General Course Rules and handbook pages.

The minor studies listed under the links below are available to all Bachelor degree students at UOW. Minor studies consist of at least 24cp and are available in a range of areas. To have a minor study recorded, you must apply using the Application to Declare or Change Intended Major/Minor form available from Student Central. Students should check that there is room within their degree structure to accommodate a minor study and still meet their degree requirements. If in doubt, students should seek academic advice before undertaking a minor study.

Students should also note that some subjects listed for minor studies may require other subjects as pre/co-requisites and that due to demand or space limitations, some subjects may have quotas. Students are advised to check for specific subject information in the online subject database before selecting subjects.

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Last reviewed: 14 November, 2019