Approved Subjects

International Studies Minor - Approved Subjects

Students are required to complete 24 credit points from the following: 

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points
ECON216 International Economics 6
ECON251 Industry and Trade in Asia 6
ECON303 Economic Development Issues 6
ECON309 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics 6
ECON320 Economics of Small and Medium Enterprises 6
ECON334 Global Economics 6
EDEY401 Youth, Culture and Education 6
EDEX303 International Teaching Project 6
GEOG121 Human Geography: Life in a Globalising World 6
GEOG221 Population Geography: People, Place, Inequality 6
GEOG332 Environmental and Heritage Management 8
ELL 310 World Englishes 8
FIN 241 International Financial Management 6
FIN 351 International Finance 6
FIN 353 Global Electronic Commerce 6
GEOG231 Maps and Apps for Social Scientists 6
LANG371 Advanced Studies in Language/Culture A 8
LAW 343 International Law 6
LAW 354 Human Rights Law 6
LLB 337 Comparative Law 8
LLB 343 International Law 8
LLB 354 Human Rights Law 8
LLB3922 International Maritime Environmental Law 8
LLB3923 Law of the Sea 8
LLB3924 International Environmental Law 8
MARK343 International Marketing 6
MGNT301 Managing Across Cultures 6
MGNT341 International and Comparative Human Resource Management 6
MGNT389 International Business Management 6
POL 225 International Relations: Issues, Concepts and Theories 8
POL 314 Power and the State 8
POL 318 The Politics of Asian Development 8
POL 319 Global Political Economy 8
POL 323 Global Inequality 8
POL 324 Culture and Politics 8

 As well all subjects with the prefixes FREN, ITAL, JAPA, SPAN are approved for up to 12 credit points of 24cp IS Minor. Some undergraduate research projects and special studies subjects will be approved for IS Minor. They must have overtly international content/focus. 

Last reviewed: 22 November, 2017