General Course Rules

Credit Transfer (Advanced Standing) Arrangements

Applications for Credit Transfer (Advanced Standing)

Students who have completed studies at pass level or better at another tertiary institution may request credit transfer (or advanced standing) for those studies. Studies undertaken at other universities, colleges of advanced education and TAFE may be considered for credit. Specified credit may be given for subjects which are equivalent to those offered by the University of Wollongong and count as prerequisites where the corresponding University of Wollongong subject is a prerequisite. Unspecified credit may be given for other subjects, relevant to the respective degree for which advanced standing is sought, completed at another institution.


How to apply for Credit Transfer (Advanced Standing)

Applications for credit (advanced standing) must be accompanied by full documentation of previous studies, such as photocopies of the relevant pages from the Handbook/Calendar of the institution concerned and a certified transcript of results.

For details of the University rules and policies governing credit transfer and a complete summary of credit allowable refer to Rule 5 of the General Course Rules.


Information for International Students about institution specific credit transfer arrangements can be found here.
Information for Domestic Students about TAFE credit transfer arrangements can be found here 

Last reviewed: 30 July, 2010