Visiting Research Student Program Procedure

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1 January 2009

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1 January 2009

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December 2014

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December 2017

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Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International)

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Manager Student Mobility


Manager Student Mobility

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Office of Global Student Mobility

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global Strategy)

Supporting documents, procedures & forms of this procedure:

Fees Policy

IP Fellow, Volunteer and Visiting Student Assignment of Intellectual Property Policy

Visiting Research Student Program Application Form

Study Abroad Website

Relevant Legislation &

External Documents:

Higher Education Support Act 2003




1 Introduction / Background

  • 1. The Visiting Research Student Program is designed for students from overseas universities who wish to come to the University of Wollongong to obtain research experience on a non-award basis. This research is for a limited period usually between 3 and 6 months up to 12 months and must be a formal requirement for the award of a degree at the student’s home university.

2 Scope / Purpose

  • 1. This Procedure formalises the processes involved to accept Visiting Research Students. To meet the needs of these students and University of Wollongong staff, the University has implemented this Procedure to ensure that:
    • 1.1. Students are enrolled and provided with access to the UOW Library and Internet services and other campus facilities such as UniCentre, University Recreation and Aquatic Centre facilities;

      1.2. Students in laboratories and other sites on campus are appropriately covered by University of Wollongong insurance and adhere to UOW OH&S requirements;

      1.3. Students are covered by the appropriate IP laws;

    • 1.4. Students enter Australia on a Non-Award Student Visa as issued from the Department of Immigration and Australian Citizenship;

      1.5. Students adhere to UOW policies and practise responsible research.

  • 1. These Procedures do not cover visiting staff from overseas universities who are undertaking short-term research at UOW as a Visiting Fellow. Nor does it cover Non-Award Exchange or Study Abroad semester students or UOW College students enrolled in formal programs. Study Abroad and Exchange students enrolled in Course Code 904 or 905 are not permitted to apply to enrol as a Visiting Research Student in order to extend their stay in Australia.

3 Instructions

  • 1. Application Process:
    • 1.1. Before formalising an application, the student must contact the relevant Academic Unit and negotiate their supervision for the proposed research. If the student contacts the Office of Global Student Mobility in the first instance, the enquiry will be forwarded to the relevant Academic Unit to identify a suitable supervisor or Academic Project Advisor.
    • 1.2. The Visiting Research Student sends the Application Form to the nominated Academic Supervisor.
    • 1.3. The Academic Unit assesses the student’s academic background and English language proficiency, ensuring the student is able to participate in the proposed research.
    • 1.4. The Academic Supervisor must agree to the supervisor responsibilities, dates of attendance and all other relevant conditions as stipulated on the Application Form.
    • 1.5. As part of the approval process, the Academic Supervisor will be required to make a recommendation regarding confidentiality requirements. If a confidentiality agreement is required the Research Student Centre will prepare in consultation with the relevant Manager of Innovation and Commercialisation (MIC) and the Academic Supervisor.
    • 1.6. All Visiting Research Students will be required to sign an Intellectual Property Deed of Assignment. Deeds will be prepared by the Research Student Centre (RSC) in consultation with the relevant Manager of Innovation and Commercialisation (MIC) and the Academic Supervisor. Any Deeds of Assignments should be sent by the Research Student Centre (RSC) and completed prior to the student’s arrival. The University of Wollongong will in all cases retain ownership of any Background Intellectual Property that is provided to the student.
    • 1.7. The Academic Supervisor and the Executive Dean of Faculty must sign the Application Form (UOW Academic Unit to Complete), and forward it to the Office of Global Student Mobility. If the application is sent directly to the Office of Global Student Mobility without Faculty signatures, this office will forward the application form to the Academic Supervisor.
    • 1.8. The Office of Global Student Mobility will process the non-refundable application fee of $100. The application fee is a fixed fee regardless of the period of enrolment, to cover the costs of processing the application. The application fee may be waived for students from exchange partner universities at the discretion of the Manager, Student Mobility;
    • 1.9. The Office of Global Student Mobility will issue an offer letter, indicating the dates of participation and instructions on how to accept the offer and instructions on how to apply for the student visa. The letter will include payment instructions for tuition and OSHC fees if applicable (see ‘Fees section’). Students who are coming to UOW for less than 3 months without a Student Visa are not eligible for OSHC. Those students must provide proof of health insurance coverage and visa for the duration of their time in Australia with their Offer Acceptance Form.
    • 1.10. The student is required to send the payment, in form of a Bank Draft ($AUD) or Credit Card details, with the Offer Acceptance Form.
    • 1.11. Upon receipt of payment and the Offer Acceptance Form, the Office of Global Student Mobility will issue a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) which will allow the student to apply for their student visa.
    • 1.12. The student must apply for their student visa prior to entry to Australia. If the total length of stay in Australia is under 3 months, the student may enter Australia on a Visitor Visa or Working Holiday Visa, however, proof of full health/medical insurance cover from the home country must be provided with the Offer Acceptance Form. Proof of the Visitor Visa or Working Holiday visa must also be presented to the Office of Global Student Mobility before the student can be enrolled at UOW.
  • 1. Offer and Acceptance
    • 1.1. Upon arrival the student contacts the RSC and is enrolled into the relevant EXCH subject for the academic sessions corresponding with their dates and duration of research. At this time they are issued with a Student ID card and a UOW username and password for internet access.
    • 1.2. The Academic Supervisor is responsible for monitoring the progress of the student.
  • 1. Completion of Program
    • 1.1. At the completion of each academic session the RSC will contact the Supervisor to confirm completion of the program. The RSC will then advise the Student Services Division (SSD) which Visiting Research Students are to be lapsed in the student system. This confirmation is the impetus that informs the Student Services Division that the student has completed the program.
    • 1.2. Visiting Research Program participants are not issued with an official transcript by the University of Wollongong as they are not enrolled in an academic coursework program.
    • 1.3. The Academic Supervisor is responsible for the writing and forwarding any assessment/completion reports to the student’s home university.

4 Roles & Responsibilities

  • 1. The Office of Global Student Mobility is responsible for processing the application fee, administering the assessment, issuing the offer letter with notification of any fees owing and issuing the CoE.
  • 2. The Graduate Research School is responsible for the enrolment process, including advising the SSD fees team of fee scholarships, and management of IP and confidentiality documentation.
  • 3. Academic Supervisor is responsible for:
    • 3.1. the initial assessment of the applicant for study at the University of Wollongong;
    • 3.2. the supervision of student's academic progress;
    • 3.3. meeting Intellectual Property policy requirements;
    • 3.4. Providing students/ home institution with a completion/assessment report.
  • 1. Executive Dean of Faculty and/or Head of School/Discipline are responsible for accepting the applicant as a student, and providing resources, at a cost to the faculty, for the student.
  • 2. Student is responsible for:
    • 2.1. Finding a supervisor for their research,
    • 2.2. Completing and sending the Application Form to the Academic Supervisor,
    • 2.3. Accepting the Offer of Admission to the University of Wollongong,
    • 2.4. Applying for the relevant visa to enter Australia,
    • 2.5. Adhering to University of Wollongong policies,

5 Fees

    1. Tuition fees for the Visiting Research Program are determined by the length of the Visiting Research Program. Fees are determined by the following length of time:

      1.1. 13 weeks/1-3 Months/ (CRICOS Code: 025169B) - $3000

      1.2. 26 Weeks/3-6 Months (CRICOS Code: 02591G) - $6000

      1.3. 52 Weeks/7-12 Months (CRICOS Code: 029052E) - $12,000

    2. The above fees are equivalent to $250 per credit point which is the minimum fee UOW can charge for international students.

    3. Students, by selecting the option under Section 4 of the application, can have the opportunity to apply for a Tuition Exemption Scholarship. Scholarships will then be reviewed and approved by the Executive Dean of the relevant faculty. If a scholarship is awarded, students will only be liable to pay the application fee and OSHC charges to UOW to participate in the Visiting Research Program. All travel and living costs are the responsibility of the student.

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