UOW Rules

Academic Integrity & Misconduct

Reporting and Recording Academic Misconduct

Online system:

Staff can report cases online at: https://intranet.uow.edu.au/aqs/UOW238613.html

Students or members of the community wanting to report a case of potential academic misconduct should contact: academic-integrity@uow.edu.au

Paper-Based Process:

This process is being phased-out. Campuses that have been trained in the online system, should use the above process. 

Paper-based forms will be removed 1 July 2019. 

Stage 1 – Subject Coordinator Investigation
Stage 2 – AIO Evidence Review
Stage 3 - FIC Determination
Stage 4 – SCC Determination

Refer to the Governance Unit (governance@uow.edu.au) for details of this aspect of the process. 


Please direct comments and questions to: academic-integrity@uow.edu.au


Last reviewed: 15 November, 2018

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