Ask for Help

Ask for Help

The Governance Unit can provide advice on the development and maintenance of policy documents. The Governance Unit are custodians of the Policy Management Policy and work to ensure that policy documents conform with the requirements of this policy.

How We Can Help

Contact the Governance Unit for assistance with:

  • support for the development and management of UOW policies - including advice on the policy development process, policy formatting, and the approval process.
  • training on policy writing and development.
  • new policy proposal forms.
  • appropriate document control and approval mechanisms.
  • the policy review cycle.
  • policy record keeping.
  • the UOW Policy Directory.


For assistance from the Governance Unit, contact us by email on

Governance Unit welcomes your feedback. To submit feedback go to: 


Last reviewed: 10 May, 2023

Here to Help

Need a hand? Contact the Governance & Policy Unit for advice and assistance on policy issues.