Implement & Communicate Policy

Implement & Communicate Policy

The implementation and communication of your policy and what it aims to achieve is just as important as the development; even the best drafted policies won’t work if the messages fails to reach the right audience.

In Stage Two of policy development, the Research phase, you would have identified impacts, stakeholders, and risks. This information will help to inform your policy communication.

The Audience Comes First

In defining your stakeholders, the people who will your policy will impact, who will implement your policy, and will use your policy, you’re defining the audience you need to communicate with.

Effective communication is tailored to an intended audience. The aspects of communication that you will tailor include:

  • the tone of your message;
  • the channels you use to communicate; and
  • the timing of your messages.

If you have multiple audiences groups, tailor separate messages accordingly.

Determine the Tone

The tone of your message should depend on who you are speaking to. Consider:

  • How familiar your audience is with your policy.
  • How your audience would expect to be communicated with.

It may help to familiarise yourself with UOW's Tone of Voice, part of the Brand Identity Guideline, which has been designed for use in student communication.

Communication Channels

Many policy custodians aren’t aware of the range of communication channels available for reaching staff and students. Not all channels are appropriate for all audience groups, so know your options and select those most appropriate to your message.

  • Web (Public site and Intranet)
  • Universe (staff only newsletter)
  • Digital Signage
  • Email
  • SOLS (mail & bulletins)
  • Committee meetings
  • Staff meetings

Message Timing

The timing of your message is critically important and should be carefully considered. To maximise the effectiveness of your message, it should be sent at a time when your audience is most receptive. Consider the following:

  • When will stakeholders need this advice?
  • When will stakeholders expect this advice?
  • When will your message be best received?
  • Are there events that your message could be timed to coincide with? Or should avoid?
  • Would a reminder in the lead up to a critical date be appropriate?


Last reviewed: 24 April, 2018

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