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FAQs - Supplementary Assessment Offers

At which point in time will students know that they are entitled to take supplementary assessment? 

The notice of offer of a supplementary assessment is sent to the student at the same time as their results are released.

Can students reject the offer of a supplementary assessment?

Yes, a student can reject an offer of a supplementary assessment. It is not compulsory for a student to do a supplementary assessment if they do not want to. In the case of a supplementary exam run by SSD, the student would simply not turn up for the exam. The student’s original mark and Fail grade will stand if they decide to reject the supplementary assessment offer.

Would a student be denied an offer of a supplementary assessment if they reject the first offer but obtain the same mark range on his/her second attempt at the subject. Students may decide to have a go on the second attempt if there’s an impact on whether they graduate with just a degree or degree with distinction.

There is nothing in the Supplementary Assessment Procedure that would prevent a student from being offered a supplementary assessment if they attempt a subject a second time after failing, or if they rejected an offer of a supplementary assessment when they attempted the subject the first time.

Decisions about whether to offer a student a supplementary assessment are based on the following factors:

  • the student’s overall academic performance
  • whether there is evidence of improved performance by the student over the course of the subject
  • whether there is a reasonable expectation, based on the student’s performance, that the student can achieve a pass in the subject if given the opportunity to undertake a supplementary assessment
  • whether the student has attempted all assessment tasks
  • the student’s demonstrated engagement with the subject
  • whether the student is a potential graduand
  • any other relevant circumstances.

Supplementary assessment will not assist a student to graduate ‘with distinction’ as it is intended to give students who receive 48%-49% and a Fail grade an opportunity to pass the subject. It is not intended to provide a passing student with an opportunity to attain a higher grade. If a student passes a subject after successfully completing a marginal fail supplementary assessment, the student will be given a mark of 50% (and no more than 50%) and a grade of PS.

Last reviewed: 23 October, 2017

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